Refocusing Purpose

In our May gathering for the Lakeside Leadership luncheon, I spoke on this topic and for those who regularly visit this website or those who weren’t able to attend, I wanted to recap the talk I did because it was incredibly important to the future direction of Lakeside Leadership.

We all have ideas at some level. Depending on our personality, we may or may not want to share them with others. We may fear rejection or how we are going to be received. To me, ideas are better in quantity, not quality. Often folks will sit on ideas that never get a chance at life because they don’t feel that the idea is fully mature. Me? I go for it. The reason I do this is because the one idea is more than likely not going toe the finished product but it may be the initial spark needed to get to the next idea. The problem is that if that first idea doesn’t get out of our head, the next idea will never happen. The next idea leads to the next and so on…This process gets us to the best ideas! We must start somewhere.

When I had the vision to start Lakeside Leadership, I knew this would be a big undertaking and I didn’t want it to fail so I did what most do…I sat on it and then I sat on it and eventually those that knew I was sitting on began to question me and challenge me. They began to ask me, “Are you ever going to actually DO this thing you’ve been talking about for two years now?” I realized that if I was ever going to get to that “better’ idea, I had to start somewhere. So, I held my breath and plunged in! Now we have what I would call the “First Edition” of Lakeside Leadership. We have the first light-bulb.

As great as the first 8 meetings we have had have been, I was brought tot hat next light bulb recently. It caused me to refocus my purpose by asking myself, “Why are we doing this?” and “What are we all about?”. We must answer these types of questions to help us stay focused on purpose. I was just enjoying the ride of over 50 people showing up every month to listen to great leadership content and grow! But I knew something needed realignment. When I asked myself these questions I realized, “Word of Grace is a church and we are inviting leaders in to talk about growing their leadership but we aren’t including Jesus in this thing in a very clear way.” This realization caused me to reflect on whether or not to continue with Lakeside Leadership because I did not want anyone to feel that I had pulled “bait-and-switch” on them regarding what we were trying o accomplish. That just isn’t my style.

So I began to think about the need to refocus the purpose. To view this as an opportunity to teach on the very thing I was walking through with this group. As I connected faith to work, business and life, it is so much bigger than just good leadership principles, we need to teach people how their faith intersects with their business and daily lives! We believe Jesus is the answer and without including Christ, we are no different than the business and self-help section at Barnes and Noble. As a Christ follower, I am called to be different. So Lakeside Leadership has decided to refocus why we do what we do and what we are about. I am grateful for the first light bulb, it got us here…but now it is time to take the next step.

What does this look like practically? We may pray at a meeting, we may reference scripture from the Bible occasionally and we may have discussions about how our faith is actually worship and devotion to God. We also may not do those things but we just don’t want people surprised if we do. We are taking the position that Lakeside Leadership is unapologetically Christ-centered. We will never try to push an agenda down someone’s throat and want those who’re not Christians to still feel welcome but just understand, this is who we are. It is part of why we exist and we are not ashamed of that.

What are some areas your life that need to be refocused? Maybe some areas that have gotten away from the “why” or who you truly are supposed to be? Refocus. Let the lightbulbs continue to be lit up as your spark helps move you further than you ever imagined.

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