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Every month you are invited to attend a free, no strings attached luncheon where the focus is investing in your personal growth! Whether you are a business professional or a home-maker, you are invited to attend because we believe that when you grow better, everyone wins! Come join us so we can grow better together!

April, 1st 2020
Speaker: Derik Armstrong
Topic: Becoming a Secure Leader
Derik Armstrong is the founder of Lakeside Leadership and pastor at Word of Grace. Come here this talk on moving from insecurity to security to maximize your growth and those you influence.

May, 1st 2020
Speaker: Mayor Randy Meyer
Topic: TBA
Randy is a successful businessman and is currently the Mayor of his hometown of Sheboygan Falls Wisconsin. From a young age, Randy‚Äôs blindness taught him to come up with unique solutions to unique problems.  He does not view his blindness as a handicap and does not let it slow him down in life. He is a great leader and speaker that you don’t want to miss!