The Global Leadership Summit

The year’s premiere leadership gathering! Every August, come join hundreds of thousands of leaders from all over the world to grow together in a two-day immersion of the best quality content on the planet to help you grow and find inspiration!

Leadership Freak

One of our favorite blogs to utilize for staff meetings and personal growth opportunities. 

Global Leadership Next App

GLS Next App is free to download and use the context for personal growth and your staff meetings!

Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

Craig is one of America’s most influential pastors and leadership teachers. He is an authority on team building and releasing others to discover their full potential. 


Learn more about yourself, your families or your team with this free personality assessment tool!

Word of Grace Church

If you are searching for a church that teaches truth and invests in leaders and building families, look no further than Word of Grace. Join us in service or online!