The Weight of Evaluation

There is a difference between “running” something and making something the best it can be. At Word of Grace, where I am the senior pastor, our staff and ministry leaders aren’t called to simply “run” a program, ministry, or department, we are to called to excellence and that means striving to make it the best we possibly can.

Ministry is not about a destination where things finally get “set”. It is about continually evaluating and developing ourselves to make something better. In ministry, we continually build upon what has been done and strive to make it better.

The moment we find ourselves simply running something is the moment we become stagnant and our effectiveness begins to go down. If we let something that is our responsibility drift away from being evaluated, it will fail because nothing is strong enough to stand on its own without constantly being evaluated and tweaked. When we forget about responsibilities, we allow the machine to run on its own and we never notice the squeaky wheel because we just punch the “on” button and walk away and simply trust (or worse–assume) everything is running fine. When the machine breaks and falls apart, we run to clean up the mess.

We should never fool ourselves into thinking everything is running fine in any area. We should always be asking ourselves and others questions. We need to be going through every area with diligence because it reflects not only us and our personal level of care but it reflects the senior pastor and more importantly, the entire Church to the community at large. We are helping shape people’s perception of God! This is a MAJOR responsibility! We are showing people how important God should be in their lives by the level of care we put into what we do. This is bigger than any particular niche we personally get excited about. This is about us always looking at how we are representing Christ to the Church and the community.

If we fail to evaluate, we fail; plain and simple. We become dependent upon one way of doing things and our effectiveness begins to dwindle. In reality, the longer we depend on the “way we’ve always done it”, the more we disqualify ourselves for leadership in ministry.

There is nothing wrong with routine as long as that routine is evaluated and checked. There is nothing wrong with relaxing with a job well done, as long as you never stop asking and looking at “what could be better? “

Weight changes things. When we truly feel the weight of leadership and the weight of that responsibility, it changes our outlook. If we ignore the weight, we will coast and look at ministry as simply another job. If we embrace the burden that comes with the call and personally give our heart to it…it becomes a calling.

Are you called?


1. What am I responsible for?

2. Who am I responsible to?

3. What am I coasting in right now?

4. Who is doing what I am doing effectively? What could I learn from them?

5. Is my perception of how things are going close to the reality of how they are “actually” going?

Evaluate by asking not only yourself and your friends questions but people outside of your sphere of influence.

Keep growing!

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