Unleashing Creativity

Every leader is creative. It doesn't matter who you are or what you are responsible for, if you are a leader, you are creative. Creativity is all about one thing, problem solving. Every problem solver is a creative person because you are placed in a situation where what is happening is not working. You then must come up with a solution to the problem, thus engaging the creative mind. Most of use don't see ourselves as creative because we think that is for people who can draw really well or those who paint. Creativity is bigger than be artistic, it is looking at different angles, outcomes and solutions.

Think about it in the most simplistic terms. When you walk into a dark room and flip a light switch, you are a problem solver. It is dark, you look for a solution and the light switch is the answer. What if the light switch doesn't work? Well, you grab your smartphone and turn the camera light on or look for a flashlight or light a candle, maybe you look for a replacement bulb or go check the breakers downstairs. You think about the problem, you think about possible answers and you make a decision. Creativity is thinking about possible outcomes that may be different. We exercise this muscle in situations like the light bulb but we don't use that same creative muscle in other areas because we doubt ourselves and end up doing the same thing over and over. It would be like us continuing to flip the switch and hoping the light eventually will just turn on! In reality, it is the exact same process as the bulb.

Approach creativity the same way you would the light bulb scenarios. Let's look at a work scenario. Let's say you have goals that are consistently not being met and it is hurting productivity. If you are constantly not hitting those goals and coming in under and you keep the same pattern of behaviors, the same rhythm and the same habits but you expect to actually hit your goals. If something is not working, start looking for creative solutions and do not be afraid to fail! You don't give up trying to get the lights turned on just because the flashlight was out of batteries! Keep searching and keep trying. Evaluate your progress and make adjustments along the way. This is the path of unleashing creativity. If we begin thinking everyone else is the problem and they just need to come around to see the value in what we do but we aren't thinking creatively, we are just flipping the switch...and still in the dark.

Unleash your creativity! You are creative and leaders solves problems. We are leaders...we have forfeit the right to make excuses!

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